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PropUp is the only comprehensive vacancy management system, handling everything from Move-out back to Move-in. By integrating directly with Buildium, PropUp utilizes live data to automate unit turns, tracking time and money in each step of the turnover workflow. Set thresholds to alert task owners and direct reports when their turns go overdue. Create living conversations inside each turn for fast answers to important questions about delays and cost overruns.

Propup’s KPIs tell you and your team exactly how you’re doing and how much money you’re saving. Its dashboards create a centralized hub for staff and management to check  on task completion and overall performance.

PropUp delivers the industry’s best digital whiteboard, so you can finally ditch your old make-ready boards. Intuitive and easy to use, everyone can become a power user of PropUp’s board builder. Configure your boards with fully customizable data direct from Buildium to be better informed about the status of every down unit in your portfolio.

Never let another unit turn fall through the cracks and cost you valuable rental revenue. Maximize collections and NOI to juice your property values with PropUp.


Integrates directly with Buildium for live data and automation

Reduce downtime & increase NOI

Track days and dollars for every down unit in your portfolio

Automate task ownership so nothing falls through the cracks